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Randy Wittman Gave The Best Sideline Interview Ever To Craig Sager

Great shit from Randy Wittman last night. He was on Cloud 9, only down 5 after the first quarter. And then he gave the best answer to Craig Sager, keeping everything in #perspective. Without a doubt the most likable Wittman has ever been, I don’t know if we’ve ever even seen that side of him. Perfectly said by coach Wittman.

As for the game, well, the Wizards kept it close most for most of it. At one point at the end of the second quarter the Wiz were up by 9 with Gortat on the line to make it a 10 point game. I then sneezed, looked back up at the TV, and the Warriors were going into the half up by 3. They went on a 12-0 run in the final moments of the 2nd quarter, I’m not even sure how they did it in the time it took me to sneeze but they did. Really remarkable stuff. The Warriors started pulling away, but the Wiz didn’t allow them to cover the 13, which when you’re playing against GS in Oracle should be considered a win. Now the Warriors only have to go 6-2 in their last 8 to beat the bulls record.

After the game, Steph had a nice interview as well.