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Tidal Saying Life of Pablo Was Streamed 250 Million Times In 10 Days Is Ludicrous

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I love Kanye West. I worship at the altar of Yeezus and I make no apologies for it. I thought, and think, TLOP was the best album of the year thus far. But if Tidal wants me to believe that it was listened to two hundred and fifty MILLION times in 240 hours then they are loco.

Tidal just surpassed 3 million users, so you want me to believe that every single one of those people listened like 83 times in 10 days? Or is a “stream” of TLOP just someone pressing play on one song and it counts even if you listen for 10 seconds? The whole Tidal system seems like the same strategy I used to use in high school when I was embarrassed that I hadn’t fucked a girl: just invent your own definition for a word. “Oh a hookup? Yeah I hookup with tons of girls, all the time.” Sure, in my head hookup meant kiss, but no one else knew that. I could just convincingly say it and no one could really prove me wrong. Stream? Oh yeah, this album was been streamed 250 million times by 3 million people in 10 days but that probably means a single song was clicked. I fucked a ton of girls my sophmore year and Kanye had 250 million streams, these are facts presented by us.