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Shirtless Jimmy Johnson Attempting To Hold Up A Giant Fish Is A Captivating Sight

Don’t know why. Don’t want to know why. But Jimmy Johnson attempting to power clean 57.6 lb of Mahi is one hell of an image. It’s simply electric. Put it in the Old Man Photo HOF alonside and every single Tommy Lasorda gem in existence. And Jimmy struggling to hold up the fish isn’t even a bad thing, just shocking. Usually we’re used to seeing slicked back JJ with his perfect smug hair on TV either pregamming football or pimping out the finest of male enhancement products. To see him disheveled like this is a sight to see. But, hey, if Coach can handle all the characters under him at The U and on those ’90’s Boyz teams, that fish should be no problem. It’s not like the Maui is going to whip out its dick and start jerking off in the captain’s face. Thank you very much for those memories, Charles Haley.