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Jim Nantz Carries Around A Picture Of Burnt Toast In His Wallet Because Restaurants Used To Not Burn His Toast Enough When He Ordered Breakfast


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Is it weird to say that my entire perception of Jim Nantz has now changed? You think you know a guy. You think the guy you welcome into your living room on countless NFL Sundays, Masters weekend, and during the NCAA tournament is a guy you can trust, a guy you can depend on. Then one day you wake up and find out he’s been walking around with a picture of a piece of burnt toast in his wallet, telling waiters and waitresses from here to Timbuktu to burn the fuck out of his bread. Wild wild stuff. It seems so minor. Oh Jim Nantz likes his bread burnt, but when you really break it down and realize that he not only likes it burnt but he actually calculated the time lost not getting his toast burnt and then had to cut out a piece of a Denny’s menu with the big picture of the food and carry it around with him everywhere he went like a kid walking around with his home address in case he gets lost. I don’t know man, I just don’t. Jim Nantz can’t be fully trusted anymore. I feel uncomfortable with this. I’m rattled.





Second weirdest part about this story is the fact that Jim Nantz calls regular bread “limp and tan”. What the fuck man? Some of us thought we knew you.




Also from the article, basically exactly how I pictured Jim Nantz at home. He could not leave his house and he’d be wearing a sweater and some nice brown shoes.


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