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This Granny Deadlifting 225 Pounds Is Impressive But Why Is She Working Out At Her Age?



I’ve seen this video going around the interwebs. A granny dead lifting 225 pounds like it ain’t no thang. I concur with the rest of the internet that it is an impressive feat. No doubt about it. She strapped on those Depends and impressively knocked out that set. But my question is why is she working out at that age? Where is the benefit for her? I guess I always assumed people only work out to look good and attract members of the opposite sex. Sure, people can say they’re doing it to be healthy and live longer, but deep down everybody is thinking the same thing. That being, “If I look good, people will want to fuck me.” So what’s the motivation for this grandma? Her body will be forever wrinkled.  No amount of lifting will change that. So unless she is the most sexually active 78 year old on the planet, working out does nothing for her. It also sets an unfair precedent for the rest of us. I’m not gonna be working out at that age and I don’t want to feel pressure to work out at that age. I’m 27 and I don’t work out now. Hardo grandma? Hardo grandma.