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Brian Windhorst Appears To Go "Full Francesa" And Fall Asleep On Live TV

Damn, Brian. You are giving all of us fat NBA insiders a bad rap by falling asleep on TV. Sure monitoring every single tweet/follow/unfollow LeBron does while also trying to break news must be a chore, but that’s the cross you bear when you are The LeBron Guy. And yeah it could have been a technical issue or Windy checking Twitter, but even his eyelids look tired. But in true Windhorst form, he rose from the dead at the perfect time like The Undertaker.

Windhorst has been following LeBron so long, he probably has LeBron stories saved in the emergency folder of his brain in case he’s ever in a bind and/or falls asleep on live TV. And Big Horst, as a man with a similar build looking to slim down and energy up, let me recommend less complex carbs and more protein. Oh yeah, and as much coffee as your heart can possibly handle.

That being said, Numbah One is still and forever will be the GOAT of the waking up during live TV.

h/t Kevin