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John Wall Is Cold Blooded To Drop Confirmation That He Smashed Rihanna On The Day Kyrie Found Out He's Being Cheated On

Wow! John Wall out of the clouds to absolutely decimate Kyrie’s life. On the same day Kyrie found out his chick was fucking some dude named “Party Next Door” John Wall drops in his eyeballs that he did, in fact, take Rihanna to pound town.

I love that he gave her his size XXL jersey, and I can’t imagine the freaky ass Snapchats she’s sending him with it. It’s John Wall’s world and we’re just living in it.

As for Kyrie, well, that’s just Kyrie life. I can’t argue with Kyrie dick riders because they are all so delusional, but he’s not even close to as good as they want you to believe. And by they I mean the media, which is not something I would say lightly. His skills have greatly been exaggerated by the media because he’s personable and fun and good in Uncle Drew commercials.

To put it in perspective, Kyrie has had 1 double-digit assist game all season. John Wall has had 9 straight double-doubles.

And 26(!!!) games with 20+ points and 10+ assists. He’s the shining light in an otherwise very hard to watch season. While he was having another double-double last night, Bradley Beal left the court for the 26th time this season with an injury. I have a sad feeling we will never see his full potential because he’s fragile as glass.