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Brian Windhorst Just Basically Called Lebron A Schizophrenic Baby



ESPN – It’s been quite a few weeks for the LeBron James code breakers: a series of unusual events spiked with the flammable mix of free agency futures and superteam aspirations. Regardless of where on the spectrum you reside — from as close as a James teammate or coach to a fan to self-professed hater — there was something there for all. Amid the rush to conclusions from a collection of tweets, out-of-sequence quotes and body language, there are a few things about James that are helpful to understand:

He’s moody.
He’s an only child.
He’s been playing dominant basketball over the last couple of months.
Sometimes James gets somber. Sometimes he gets so happy that he’s bubbly for weeks on end, arranging elaborate costume parties for his current teammates, whomever they happen to be. Sometimes he wants to create 10-step handshakes at introductions. Sometimes he wants to walk out to the center of the court without a single high-five to start a game.

Sometimes he uses social media to gather teammates for a postgame group photo. Sometimes he uses it to be cryptic and passive-aggressive. Sometimes he films commercials hailing the city of Cleveland. Sometimes he gives interviews in which he leaves the door open to leaving it again.
Sometimes he’ll aggressively bump his coach. Sometimes he’ll hug his coach. Sometimes he’ll reach out to peers like Kobe Bryant, calling him up to seek advice. Sometimes he’ll be in a blackout and virtually unreachable by almost everyone in his life.

Sometimes when you’re talking to him, there will be a light in his eyes and he will be engaging and deeply involved in the conversation. Sometimes his focus will wander and he’ll fall into rote answers, all his cues telling you to go away.

Also useful for the handbook would be how much James likes attention. So much of it comes his way naturally, but there are times when even that’s not enough: when he will walk up on teammates being interviewed so he can edge into the picture; when he will loudly sing bars of rap songs in otherwise quiet rooms just to let everyone know he’s there; when he will pop up in front of tens of millions on social media with a message that will create an instant and wide-ranging buzz. It’s all part of the James package.


You know what the craziest part of this article was? This was written by Brian Windhorst who is legitimately Lebron’s biggest fan. It’s either him or Lee Jenkins from Sports Illustrated. That’s what makes this so crazy. This was a pro Lebron article that basically called him an insecure, schizophrenic baby who happens to be great at basketball. His biggest fan saying that Bron Bron is acting like an infant because Steph Curry is now the league’s biggest star and he can’t handle it. That’s he’s an insufferable human being who makes like miserable for everybody around him. Brian Windhurst wrote this. What a time to be alive!