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Justin Williams Comin In HOT On Picture Day

What a legend. Justin Williams has no time for your picture day bullshit. Picture day doesn’t put pucks in nets. You don’t get the nickname “Mr. Game 7″ by combing your hair and looking pretty for the camera. And they definitely put Chimera there on purpose, just to highlight Williams’ hair even more. Meanwhile Latta got a full 12 hours of sleep so he could wake up extra early to make sure his hair was the perfect “messy but oh did I spend 3 hours putting product in it? Maybe…” look.

I don’t know who this guy is but I have a feeling that extra cup of coffee and the weekend of beer and nachos just hit him all at once.

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 10.31.00 AM

He definitely shimmied to the locker room and cleaned up his pants 5 seconds later.

As for the Caps themselves, after a 1-0 win vs the Devils on Friday thanks to a JC74 GWG, they got beaten down pretty good by the Blues on Saturday. Grubauer struggled mightily, Oshie was still out sick with the flu, and Ovi is so clearly hurt that I’m beginning to really worry. He looked about half-speed on Saturday. Ovi has been hurt since around the All Star Break, but it seems like it’s gotten worse. I would assume that he would sit out games if rest would be able to make it better, but it could be one of those lingering things (like Backstrom’s injury last year) that can’t be taken care of until the offseason, but won’t get any worse now. A hurt Ovechkin is not what we need right now.