Matt Stonie Celebrated Easter By Eating 200 Peeps And Somehow Not Vomiting/Dying

Matt Stonie is not the same species as you or I. The same way I look at a supermodel like Nina Agdal and I’m positive we cannot be of the same species, that’s how I look at Matt Stonie too. Nobody should be able to ingest 1,360 grams of sugar in 14 minutes and live to tell about it. Nobody should be able to eat 5,600 calories in 14 minutes and not need a crane to lift them out of their house. And fucking nobody should be able to eat 1 peep, never mind 200 peeps, just in general. Seriously, Peeps are disgusting. I know there’s always the debate around Easter time if Peeps are gross or not, and low and behold, would you believe it if I told you some people like them and other people don’t? Well I am so far on the side of Peeps are gross and should never be eaten that I felt nauseous just watching him eat them. I love the idea of Peeps, I hate everything else about them. And by the end of the video, I think Stonie is on my side. I’ve never seen him so disheveled after an eating challenge. Those sugary ass motherfuckers tore him apart. Tears in his eyes, out of breath, completely checked out from life.

And what happens after the video cuts off? How long does the sugar take to wear off? And then what? You have to imagine the feeling in a couple hours is worse than your worse hangover. That sugar crash could literally kill a weaker man. And he’s just eating them for the love of the game. For the YouTube video glory. So a blogger will blog about him. Respect to Matt Stonie for eating 200 Peeps, I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy.