Paul Ryan Said He Gave Up Fear For Lent

Who the fuck does Paul Ryan think he is? Dwight Schrute? “I gave up fear for Lent” might be the number 1 hardo statement ever. I just cant believe it came out of Paul Ryan. You cant really call him a hardo because he’s such a dork otherwise but I just dont know what else to call it. Between his shirtless pictures and saying he gave up fear and anxiety for Lent I think Paul Ryan is skyrocketing to the top of the Hardo Charts. Everyone else out here is giving up chocolate or some shit and Paul Ryan is like “I’m abstaining from weakness this Lenten season.” I’m trying not to drink alcohol for Lent. “Oh thats nice I’ve given up vulnerability. I’m fasting from powerlessness.”

Absolutely preposterous. Out of all the ridiculous people who take a vow not to do shit for 40 days because of a 2,000 year old fairy tale, Paul Ryan is the most ridiculous.

PS – Out of all the arbitrary, non sensical things I hate people for, calling Soda “pop” is number 1.