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I Still Can't Believe All the Morons Saying This Wasn’t A Loose Ball Foul In the Kansas Game

The reaction of social media after this call may have been the lowest point in the history of the internet. It seemed the entire universe was collectively freaking out about this foul call. Moron after moron whining about it.


Honestly it’s like these people never played basketball or a sport in their lives. Of course this is a foul! Just because you dive and show hustle doesn’t mean you can take a guys legs out. Josh Hart was standing there with position. If the Kansas player doesn’t dive bomb his legs it’s Villanova ball. It’s really no different than a guy jumping from the clouds for a rebound and going over the back. That’s a foul. And that’s coming from a guy whose entire game is 3 pt shooting, lock down defense and pure unadulterated hustle. But I feel like sometimes people just go on twitter to whine and say look at me. It’s sad. If you thought that was a bad call you just don’t know hoop.