Melo Repped The Cuse On Snapchat After They Beat Virginia

via Campus Rush

The Syracuse fan in me loves this video. Melo was the only star (as well as a great team and coach) to lead Cuse to the mountaintop. The Knicks fan in me hates this video because I looked up the word perseverance and want to know why the fuck the Knicks can never show that for an entire season.

Oh who gives a shit? The Knicks may be out of the playoffs for the third season in a row and don’t have their lottery pick yet again, but at least Cuse is still dancing. Which means I was able to make this:


Douggggg, Douggggg, Ohhhhhh, Doug Douggie Douggie Doug Doug.

And if you had a problem with Kevin Harlan’s “Syracuse has come back from the dead on Easter Sunday” call, I hope you choked on the Peeps that you were probably eating.