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Donald Trump Says He Has No Idea If the Lyin Ted Cruz National Enquirer Story Is True Or Not While Simultaneously Guaranteeing It Is 110% True


Is there anybody better at murdering people without leaving the blood directly on their hands than Donald Trump? Whether it be retweeting insults and then chastising people for not understanding how twitter works or this. Basically saying he has no idea if the National Enquirer story is true or not, but pointing out that the National Enquirer is pretty much right about everything nowadays. That they don’t print stories like these unless they are 100% sure it’s the truth. OJ, Edwards, Tiger etc. When it comes to scandals the Enquirer might as well be the NY Times.  So who knows if Lyin Ted Cruz is telling the truth? Brilliant wartime tactics.

PS – Ted Cruz’s only play right now is to embrace these rumors. Be like fuck right I slayed these bitches. Start calling himself Teddy Ballgame, wear Oakly blades everywhere he goes and have this music play every time he walks into the room. I’d vote for that. He’s just too stupid to embrace it.