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Oh Just A 3-Year-Old Toddler Found Nibbling On Some Crack At His West Philadelphia Daycare

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — According to Philadelphia Police, a worker at a local daycare noticed something in the mouth of a three-year-old during breakfast time Tuesday morning, but it was not breakfast. Police say a worker at the Works Of Learning Early Daycare on Haverford Avenue noticed the toddler chewing on something, but no food was yet served. Authorities say the worker saw a small bag in the girl’s mouth with a white-colored residue. Police say the staffer recognized the substance and her instincts activated. The worker called the child’s parents and drove the girl to CHOP herself to waste no time, fearing the toddler may have ingested the drug. Police say traces of crack were found in the three-year-old’s system, so CHOP kept her for observation.

Innnnnnnn West Philadelphia born and raised!!! Power move by this daycare owner for bringing in a news crew to do a complete investigation of her place where a toddler was found eating crack. There’s no such thing as bad advertising, I guess. “Come to Works Of Learning Early Daycare – Your child may end up ingesting pure smack but, hey, at least you can see the kids aren’t kept in dog cages drowning in their own piss”. Even money says that 3-year-old is more domesticated than a good amount of people wandering the West Philly streets. At least the kid wears a diaper. Probably.


What, this gem didn’t have a rich Auntie and Uncle he can live with in sunny Bel Air, Cali instead of dropping heat in a public subway entrance? For shame, ’90’s TV. But you gotta give credit where credit is due, at least he’s somewhat housebroken with the newspaper. I figured once you start shitting outdoors you simply let things be.