Construction That Starts Before 9am Should Be Given the Death Penalty



Listen I’m not a complainer. I don’t make excuses.  I wake up every morning and give max effort.  My motor is always running.   The only thing I need in life is a nice solid night’s sleep.  Give me that and I’m basically an unstoppable force of nature.  Well today I was woken up at 7:30am by jackhammering.   7:30AM!   Friends that is unacceptable.   That is UnAmerican.  Naturally I googled when construction could legally start in Boston and it said 7am.  Umm what type of cockamammy law is that?  The work day starts at 9am.   That’s when Construction should be allowed to start.  I work nights.  I go to bed at 3am.  All I ask is to be able to wake up naturally so I can put forth an A+ effort.  So I can produce at the level the Stoolies have come to expect from me. Is that too much to ask for? It’s not even me I’m worried about.  It’s all the kids who may be reading Barstool for the first time and don’t get the 99 mph Pres fast ball because my brain is too sleepy to concentrate.  How is that fair to them?


PS – My dream is literally to go jackhammer in all construction people’s faces at 7am on the weekend and see how they like it.