That Awkward Moment When A Google Maps Error Leads To A Demolition Team Tearing Down The Wrong House

CNET- The motto of Billy L. Nabors Demolition, a Seagoville, Texas, company that razes buildings, says it all. “We could wreck the world.” As WFAA-TV reports, the company was sent to demolish 7601 and 7603 Cousteau Drive, a tornado-damaged duplex in Rowlett, Texas. Somehow, 7601 and 7603 Calypso Drive, another tornado-damaged duplex a block away, was torn down. The owner of one half of the duplex, Lindsay Diaz, told WFAA that she drove up to the property, only to discover it was gone. Calypso. Cousteau. Calypseau. A little similar-sounding, near? “How do you make a mistake like this?” Diaz asked WFAA. One answer seems to be: by trusting Google Maps a little too much. Maps aren’t perfect. Not even Google’s. Diaz told WFAA that a Nabors employee texted her a screenshot from Google Maps. It allegedly showed directions for Cousteau Drive that led to her house. Google confirmed it has corrected this error. Billy L. Nabors didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment. Remarkably, though, its CEO, George Gomez, told WFAA on Thursday that his company’s mistake was “not a big deal.”



So that’s less than ideal. Google Maps really fucking up here. Yeah, just tear down that house or that house or any house. Google doesn’t care. They’re worth a trillion dollars. What’s one mistake? I sneaky love the CEO of this demolition company simply shrugging his shoulders being like, “No big deal. No big deal that we tore down the wrong people’s house. Not our problem. It’s Google Maps’ problem. You hired us to tear down a house and we tore down a goddamn house. Not our problem that is was the wrong house. We don’t read the maps. Google reads the maps and tells us what house to tear down. Me tear house down. Me do good job. Pay me money.” He’s obviously being a dick but gotta respect him for standing up for the company and taking the bullets.


PS- Tell me being part of a demolition crew wouldn’t be one of the best jobs ever. You can’t. Sure it’s manual labor but you get to destroy shit all day every day. Sounds kind of amazing. If when you were a kid somebody came up to you and was like, “Hey there’s a job out there where you get to go to different buildings and swing a hammer around until it falls down” you would’ve been all about it. Screw being an astronaut or a lawyer or a doctor or a smut blogger. I wanna wreck shit.