Anybody Who Thinks That Alien Spaceships Come Equipped With Sirens Is An Absolute Moron


So this debate came up on the rundown yesterday. We were talking about Aaron Rodgers saying he spotted a UFO 5 years ago. Supposedly he heard a siren and looked up and saw the alien vessel. Well my huge brain immediately called bullshit because everybody knows that Alien spaceships don’t have sirens or alarms on them. That’s like alien 101. Aliens spaceships are stealth bombers. You don’t even know they’ve entered our atmosphere until they are literally in your kitchen. It’s honestly day 1 Alien stuff. Yet somehow those buffoons KFC and Big Cat were convinced they may have sirens on them. Bro do you know anything at all about alien culture? I honestly lost sleep over this I was so mad. It’s not even how stupid they were but that they were actually sticking by their argument. Here is fact. If you honestly believe alien spaceships have sirens like a police car you should kill yourself. The only vehicles with sirens are ones that want to be noticed. If Aliens wanted to be noticed they’d already be here.

PS – And as it turns out we didn’t even have the Aaron Rodgers story correct. He heard an alarm on a building and then looked over to it and the spaceship was above it. So maybe Rodgers was telling the truth after all.