Kevin Durant Unveils His New Knee Length Leg Shoes

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Sole Collector“Transitioning from a low to high is a decision we made with confidence based on our ongoing feedback from Durant to always push the limit on innovative design,” Chang said.  “The KD 8 Elite is conceptually designed to blur the lines between the shoe, sock and tight; seamlessly transitioning between each so you can’t differentiate where one begins and the other ends,” Chang said.

Out of all my washed up tendencies as a 31 year old dad, the one I stand by the most is that new age basketball shoes are trash. I know the young kids probably eat this shit up. I’m sure the Lebrons and the Kyries and the KDs sell like hot cakes, but I dont care. They are garbage. Basura. They’re all way too over the top and futuristic looking. And there’s no better example than the KD 8 Stockings. Stepping on the court looking like Daffy Duck with his orange legs. If the internet hadnt completely murdered it by misusing it constantly, the appropriate reaction to these kicks would be a “For real, what the fuck are those?” I’m not trying to rock pantyhose shoes, Kevin. Not on the court, not off the court. Its gotta be such a fucking pain in the ass to put these on. Might as well just create an entire onesie, Nike. A full length adult one piece connected to the shoes. Maybe even have a Greenman thing with the face covered up too. No thanks. Pass.

PS – There’s literally only one person alive who has the right legs for these things and its Kevin Durant. Anyone else with normal length/width calves is shit out of luck.