I Present To You The Worst Hitman In The History Of Human Civilization


YouTube- CCTV footage shows gunman missing target THREE TIMES at point blank range 



That guy needs to pick a different profession. And probably avoid being a professional dart player or an archer. You can’t be a hitman and have the worst aim in history. It just can’t work. That’d be like a basketball player without arms or a sprinter without legs. It is necessary to succeed. He’s like the anti-Omar Little or the anti-Mike Ehrmantraut*. Being a hitman takes a certain set of skills and that guy doesn’t have them. Aim being one of the more key skills. He shot at the dude THREE times from point blank range and missed each time. At that point, you gotta just shake the guys hand who you were sent to kill and apologize. A traumatic experience for both of them. One guy thinking he’s about to die and the other realizing he’s a failure at his profession. What a disaster.


*Random sidebar: are people still watching Better Call Saul? I hope so. I know I am. It’s a weirdly riveting show. Like, nothing really happens, but I still enjoy the shit out of it. We’ve literally been watching the show for 1 1/2 seasons and it’s just lawyer James McGill working on a case surrounding a nursing home yet it’s still entertaining. I mean, the parts with Mike help spice things up and I would watch a show strictly about Mike, but Bob Odenkirk is so so good. And Vince Gilligan knows how to make a good TV show even when the main character isn’t a chemistry-teacher-turned-meth-kingpin. Some people complain that BCS is too slow but I like the slow burn. I like it a lot.