RG3 Is A Proud New Member Of Your Cleveland Browns

You know what, fuck the naysayers. Make your jokes. But I’m happy for RG3. There’s no pressure on him to win because it’s CLEVELAND. But if he does win, he’s a hero. Shit, he only has to win 6 games and they’ll build him a statue next to the Drew Carey statue.

Sure, maybe the Browns aren’t really known for “developing QBs”, per se. Maybe the front office isn’t the strongest or best structured, per se. But they did just bring in Hue Jackson, who is a very good offensive mind and a guy who demands respect from his players. I’m positive he’ll keep RG3 and his ego on a short leash.

Now obviously Cleveland is nowhere close to being a winning team, which also helps RG3. He’ll be able to develop. They should give him time there. It’s not like in DC where the most popular guy in town is always the backup quarterback. RG3 could not handle the pressure of DC, so now he’s going to a place that might as well be Mars when it comes to pressure to win games immediately.

Overall, I’m happy for him. Sure it’s Cleveland. But this could actually work out favorable for him. A fresh start in a small market with a good coach. Of course it could crash and fail miserably, but I’m rooting for him to succeed.