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Get A Load Of "Larry Da Leopard" The Guy Who Wants To Be A Leopard So Badly That He Has Tattooed His Entire Body To Make Himself Look Like A Cat


Not going to lie, Larry is kicking my ass in the Big Cat department


(Source) It’s one thing to show your appreciation for the animal kingdom, but quite another to try to join it. But that appears to be the lifelong quest of one U.S. man who has tattooed his entire body with leopard spots. Larry Da Leopard has more than 1,000 big cat markings on his body after spending years getting inked. Every inch of his body, from his arms and legs to his back and ears, have been tattooed – including his private parts. Larry, however, says he is still not finished and that he will not stop until he has become a so-called ‘manimal’ – half man, half animal.

Larry, who lives in Austin, Texas, even goes out in public in a leopard costume and happily has his photo taken with people as he promotes his business as a tattoo artist. On the U.S. TV show Taboo, Larry revealed his parents cried when they saw his tattoos for the first time and he admits that he does ‘look like a cartoon character’.


Thank god for Larry Da Leopard. Why? Because as fucked up as your life may ever be, as much of a failure as you think you are at any point in time, or any time you question why the fuck you became an internet web logger, just remember, you’re not the guy giving himself thousands of tattoos so that he can have everyone treat him like a wild animal instead of a real human being. That’s called perspective.


So you didn’t go to law school or business school. So you don’t have the dream job and millions of dollars. Who the fuck cares. You know what you also didn’t do? Mistakenly get one tattoo too many and decide it was time to go all in and tattoo every inch of your skin. Because you know that’s what happened here. Larry accidentally tattooed his neck, or his wrist, a piece of his body that always will be seen no matter what he wears and that was it. It was go big or go home time. The minute you have one publicly visible tattoo you might as well call it a day and make yourself a Leopard. That’s how tattoos work. And really the only thing that surprised me by this story is that his parents cried when he saw their leopard son. Guess they didn’t read the sign.