Lebron Makes Fun Of The Media For Scrutinizing Him While Eating A Banana

“Why you eatin a banana Lebron? Does this mean you’re gonna slip on a banana peel out of Cleveland?”

The media sucks, no doubt. Reporters are the worst and I can absolutely understand when athletes get fed up with them. They often make a big deal out of small things because they need to write their articles and get their clicks. So I can appreciate Lebron busting the media’s balls and imitating them with this weird banana joke.

But theres 2 problems in this situation:

1) As I said in my first blog about this topic, you brought this on yourself with your stupid social media behavior.  When you unfollow your team and then declare youre going dark on social media but planning on joining snapchat and yada yada yada, you bring this shit upon yourself. Act petty and childish, you get treated petty and childish.

2) Did you fucking hear the reporter who asked the question about the Twitter drama?

He was absolutely terrified. Apologizing and begging for mercy before the words were even out of his mouth. As timid and as scared and as accommodating as can be. I know Lebron gets scrutiny on a national level at all sorts of publications and TV networks and what not, but the Cleveland media is about as soft as it gets and he clearly runs the show with that crew. Its probably Windhorst massaging his dick while everyone asks for permission to ask questions.

Like I said I know being an athlete can suck when it comes to the media but Lebron is one dude who I cant bring myself muster up any sympathy.

PS – In his defense, its kind of ridiculous that this Vine is making the rounds and I even felt the need to blog it. In that sense, he’s right. Dude cracks one bad joke while eating a banana and people are all over it.