This Left Handed Pass By Steph Curry Left Me Mesmerized, As Did DeAndre Jordan's Jumper

64-7. This team is 64-7 with 6 of their next 7 games at home. Completely remarkable. I’m guzzling hot coffee right now looking like Popeye eating spinach because I refuse to sleep when the Warriors are playing. Luckily 80% of their games are nationally televised so I don’t have to watch crappy online streams. The least they can do is stop with the 10:30 start times. 10:00 EST is late enough, tipping at 10:41 is just cruel to us old folks who need our old people beauty sleep. But it’s so worth it to watch Steph. What am I going to tell my grandchildren, that I was sleeping when Steph Curry was in his prime? I’d rather slap them in the face. I’d rather slap myself in the face.

Plus you get to see DeAndre Jordan be DeAndre Jordan when you stay up.

First of all, A+ analysis there. Straight and to the point. Furthermore, now that all the Kobe bullshit has died down, DeAndre is my new public enemy #1. It pains me that a guy making millions and millions of dollars has a worse free throw % than me. Bro, you’re in the NBA, your FT % should not be 44%, I don’t care how fucking tall you are. You have the best coaches in the world, and it’s not like he’s the only 7 footer. Fucking Diamond Stone on Maryland just turned 19 years old, is listed at 6’11 just like DeAndre, and Stone shot 76.5% from the line his freshman year of college. That’s why I smdh at DeAndre Jordan. Figure it out dude. Shoot underhand free throws. I get that some people just aren’t good at things, but come on, 44% is straight up bullshit.