The Burgerizza Is The Latest Ridiculous Baseball Food Concoction

Yahoo- The Atlanta Braves might have the most absurdly wonderful selection of food options in the major leagues in what will be the team’s final year at Turner Field this season. Of course, that depends on your tastes, how hungry you are and that you don’t mind getting a week’s worth of cholesterol in one meal. The Braves aren’t expected to send fans home with the satisfied smiles that come from wins very often this season, but they obviously don’t want people going hungry.

Atlanta has a new concession partner. Delaware North Sportservice has come up with some amazing new ballpark grub, some of which will cost a pretty penny. So a fan might not want to risk eating at their seat if they’re sitting in foul territory where it’s possible to lose your $26 Burgerizza when a Freddie Freeman foul ball comes screaming in your direction.   The aforementioned Burgerizza is just one of the over-the-top options to be served at various spots around Turner Field. It’s 20 ounces of beef, topped with five slices of cheddar, yummy bacon and served between two eight-inch pepperoni pizzas.



Here we go again with this nonsense.  Now don’t get me wrong, as a fat guy I love pizza and burgers more than probably anything else on the planet.  Those two foods have had the biggest hand in turning me into the gigantic, jolly man you know today.  But does anyone ever actually buy these mutant superfoods at baseball games? Nobody I know ever has. And even if a few people buy them, there is no way people are finishing a ridiculous pile of food like that.  So long story short, tons of pizza and burgers are being tossed in the trash at Turner Field.  Truly tragic stuff.

But I guess we should expect this type of anarchy from the Atlanta Braves.  They are the ones that introduced the world to John Rocker.  Only trash organization like the Bravos would waste the lives of hundreds of innocent pizzas and burgers while trying to shove diabetes down their fans’ throats.  If you are going to gut your team and lose a million games this season, don’t bring down two of the greatest foods ever with your sinking ship.  Shameful.

And yes, we are one step closer to the SNL Taco Town commercial actually coming to life at a ballpark near you.