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Customer at Sushi Resistant Gets Mad When Told He Can't Bring Pet Garden Snake Into The Place...Returns With 13 Foot Python




Huffpo – Customers in a Los Angeles sushi restaurant had a more exciting evening than they likely expected when their meal was interrupted by a 13-foot-long Burmese python.  Hiroshi Motohashi had paid for a $200 meal at Sushi of Tokyo on Sunday evening when he allegedly showed off a small snake he had with him to other diners, according to the Los Angeles Times.  The 46-year-old was told to take the snake outside, and he did… but he quickly returned with a much larger reptile, NBC Los Angeles reported. “[Expletive], you guys,” he allegedly said, and dropped the snake on the floor in the middle of the restaurant and left, Lt. Jim Gavin told the Times. The Times said that once in the restaurant, the snake crawled behind the cash register and got stuck, but was eventually taken by animal control officers.


I don’t know whether I’d rather a guy walk into a sushi place with an AK 47 or a 13 foot Burmese python.  I think I’d probably take my chances getting shot at rather than getting suffocated to death by a snake.  And that’s exactly how they should treat this case too.  They should act like he shot up the place.  He should be in jail for life.  Guys who just randomly throw Burmese pythons at people have no place in this society.  None whatsoever.   Oh and as much as I hate snakes and snake people in general I actually felt bad for this snake. I just have a vibe he is a friendly snake.  His name is probably Larry or something and the dude just wants to mind his own business and not scare the shit out of everybody.  He thinks snakes are misunderstood and he’s got an owner using him like he’s a grenade.  Larry the snake is just trying to slither his ass out of the restaurant and people are freaking the fuck out.  Not his fault his dickhead owner threw him at people.


PS – I had sushi for dinner last night.  I ate at O-ya for my birthday ad had barracuda for the first time.  It was surprisingly delightful but I had a hard time enjoying it because I know what it’s face looks like.  Such a mind fuck.