John Wall Reiterates That He Is the Best PG in the NBA


Post - Over the summer, John Wall did an interview with SI’s Chris Mannix, which led to this exchange. “All right, John, where do you rank among NBA point guards?” Mannix asked him. “Me?” Wall replied, stalling for time. “Where do you rank, yeah?” Mannix repeated. “I’d rank myself the best,” Wall said. “Yeah, I’d rank myself the best.” Anyhow, this became a thing again on Tuesday night, when Wall was yet again brilliant in a home win over the Lakers, and then chatted with Comcast SportsNet’s Chris Miller. “An unguardable point guard you’ve become,” Miller noted. “Aw man, just hard work and dedication,” Wall said. “I love my teammates, I love the city of D.C. and I love my coaching staff and organization. They see me come in here, putting in work late at night and early in the morning and staying after pratcice. And that’s something I’ve got to do if I want to be a franchise guy and lead this team back to the promised land.” “What statement are you trying to make to the league right now?” Miller asked. “[Mumble mumble] the best point guard in the league, that’s my statement,” Wall said.

Good. No. Great. This is what I want to see out of the superstars. I previously bashed Wall for writing “playoffs” on his shoes because I hate that he was so happy with simply making the postseason. So I am very happy he is bringing that sort of swag, as the kids say, to his game. Going to the arena with that sort of confidence day in and day out definitely makes him better, and makes the team around him better. Is he the best PG in the league? No. Chris Paul says hello. But would a superstar ever admit to not being as good as his competition? Absolutely not.

His last 3 games are ridiculous:

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Going to need to keep that confidence, that drive, and that need to be the best up with Bradley Beal out of the lineup and virtually no help besides Gortat around him. The Wizards are kinda turning a corner here. No more Gilbert Arenas shitting in shoes. No more Blatche being the WOAT. Team has talent. If they can stay healthy, they can actually bring in free agents and make a run at the title. Kevin Durant, come home in 2016.