And Here We Have Katt Williams Sucker Punching A Teen Before Getting Bundled Up By The 'Little Boy'

TDB – Early Wednesday morning, a series of video clips went viral of comedian Katt Williams first sucker-punching a teenage boy, and then being taken to the ground by the young fella.

Katt Williams just SKYROCKETING up the celebrity death pool. This dude is in the news week in and week out with something disturbing. Hitting gas station attendants, robbing women, sucker rushing a clan of people at the Trocadero before getting his soul curbstomed out of him. And just when you think a few days have gone by and maybe Katt Williams has turned the corer, he goes out and does something like this…and totally redeems himself! I don’t care if he’s 5’2 and 110lbs soaking wet (maybe midgets should think first before throwing pillows?). Getting emasculated by a prepubescent can’t be a good look for your career, or life. Impressive work by this lesbian “celebrity” by sucker punching a kid on camera then immediately saying the teenager is the one who hit first. This bitch deserves a lot more than a ragdolling.