Katt Williams Gets Choked TF Out By A Teenage Boy

I dont know much about Katt Williams, he’s one of those dudes that doesnt really crossover into white people territory. I remember him from the Ludacris music video. I know he yells about pimpin a lot. Dresses like he’s always going to a high school prom at a black school. Thats about all I know.

But thats it for Katt Williams. Thats all I’ll ever know about him because this is the end of the road for him. You find yourself in the hood hangin out with a bunch of kids getting choked out by a teenage boy after sucker punching him, and its a wrap. You’re done. Career over. Vince Carter dot gif. Either literally because something is clearly wrong with you, or simply because you’re the butt of every joke on Black Twitter from here on out. Every time you’re on stage, every job you ever do, you’ll just be known as the dude who sucker punched some poor kid and then tapped out when he WORKED. YOU. CT style. “As a community you let a little broke n-gga do that to a celebrity” as you sit on the grass, trying to catch your breath from the rear naked choke hold, is about as pathetic as it gets. No idea how you find yourself in this situation fighting with children in the hood, but if you do find yourself there, you certainly cannot lose the fight.

Oh and did I mention he’s involved in voodoo? Yea we can go ahead and just Cuncel da Katt Williams.