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Jim Harbaugh With The First Degree Cold Blooded Murder of Ohio State's AD

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Been trying to scale back my Harbaugh coverage, didn’t want everyone to get Harbaugh overload. Tried to put a barometer on everything he does, has to pass a certain level of awesomeness. Well, this cold blooded murder of Gene Smith just leapt off the damn chart. We’re talking Twitter homicide. Gotta wonder what was going through Mean Gene’s head here? I mean Michigan was 10-3 last year and finished 12th in the freaking AP…

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 8.31.20 AM

…I’d say they’ve already been sufficiently jump started. Oh and unless I’m thinking of a different Gene Smith, didn’t you have a season vacated, a bowl ban, and your coach resigning in your face all happen under your watch? I’ll have to Wikipedia it.

This round to Harbaugh.


Wait a minute.

That’s the Ohio State draft class’s music!

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