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Lindsey Pelas Gives 11 Reasons Why Having Big Boobs Can Be A Problem



She got me. Lindsey Pelas got me. She got you too if you’re reading this. We came for the boobs. We don’t actually care about any of the problems she has with her giant boobs. And quite frankly, I bet she doesn’t either. She likes when guys stare at her at the gym. It’s why she has Instagram and has posted 477 times. She likes the attention and we guys like giving it to her. It’s a two-way street. It’s ironic,the thing she is complaining about in the video is the exact thing that brought us all together. Also, the thing she is complaining about is how she got over 3 million followers on Instagram. The video is lighthearted and fun but I don’t ever want her complaining about those chesticles. They are a gift from god. They are miraculous. So some bras don’t fit and sometimes the fun bags get a little sweaty. They are how she pays her rent. No shame in that at all. Work with what our lord and savior Jesus Christ gave you. I guarantee there are countless flat chested ladies who wish they got a few more glances at their local YMCA.