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Theo Pretending That He Wants To Sign Garza To A Long Term Deal Is Absolutely Brilliant



(CBSIn what could be a dramatic turnaround, the Cubs are now considering keeping righthanded starter Matt Garza on the North Side of Chicago. Cubs officials recently have broached such a possibility, and while a still remains an option for Garza, for the first time in more than a year there are discussions about possibly signing Garza long-term. It had been presumed for weeks he would be traded for sure. The Cubs could also trade Garza, then try to re-engage him in the winter, another distinct possibility.

Garza is considered the top rental starter on the market, and while there’s still time to do a deal before the July 31 trade deadline, it is now far from a certainty. Sources indicate the Cubs have been seeking a top prospect back for Garza, and opposing general managers are very reluctant to part with those type players.


Oh you think you have us in a corner MLB? You think you can just get Garza for 50 cents on the dollar? HA! Not so fast bitches. We’re keeping Garza forever and always.


In all honesty though this is smart. Obviously you aren’t winning a World Series with Garza as your number 1. But 2/3? I can see that. If you can lock him up for the appropriate years/money there is no reason not to do it, he’s 29, in 2 years when the Cubs are supposed to compete he could be a quality piece to the puzzle.  And what’s the down side of floating it out there? Zero. Right now everyone is waiting for the Cubs to get desperate and try to unload any trade deadline asset they may have. Garza being the biggest one. So if the Cubs are simultaneously talking long term deal the price immediately changes. And of course now that I’ve said all this Garza will 100% blow out his arm in his next start and we’ll get absolutely nothing for him.