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#BarstoolBrackets Tournament Of Villains - Championship Showdown Results

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Shkeli vs Shooter. Real life vs fiction. Two of the biggest country club pricks humanity has ever seen. The final showdown tallied 18,000 votes. And the winner…with over 10,000 votes and nearly 60% of the vote…drum roll please………..

SHOOTER. *Double Pistols*

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We saw murderers, rapists, and drug kingpins. Cheaters, liars, and schemers. Pure evil all over this bracket. But the most villainous thing of all? Using your social media account to hijack the entire villain tournament. Thats as evil and as spiteful as it gets and makes me realize that in a weird way, Shooter McGaving actually deserves the title of World’s Greatest Villain. His villainy unfolded in real time. Shooter is still evolving into the super villain that hes destined to be. And here to accept this title as Greatest Villain of All Time is the mastermind behind it all. An acceptance speech directly from @ShooterMcGavin_:

I have to thank everyone who voted for Shooter during this Cinderella run. You people are terrific and although I know none of you, all of you are now my friends.

It is a true honor to be named the Greatest Villain of All Time. To defeat the likes of Drago, Jaws, Hannibal Lectar, The Joker, Heisenberg, and finally Shkreli is a tremendous accomplishment. Speaking of Goodell, I played golf with him yesterday, and I gotta tell you, that guy spends more time in the sand than David Hasselhoff.

Shooter has to thank his friends. Hal from the Nursing Home, Bob Barker, Aaron Rodgers, and Donald. Thank you for always having Shooter’s back *single pistol*

I dedicated my performance in this tournament to Chubbs memory. A true golf legend and inspiration to so many. This one was for you Chubbs. RIP.

Lastly, I will be throwing a celebratory party at Waterbury Country Club on the 9th green at 9 tonight. I hope everyone reading this can make it.

Oh and dress nice *single pistol*