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Trump Says If The Ricketts Keep Taking Attack Ads Out On Him He May Start Taking Attack Ads Out On The Cubs

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Can someone, anyone broker peace here? Donald Trump has his presidential campaign to run and the Cubs have a World Series to hopefully win. Why the fuck does there need to be fighting between the two? I’m already stressed out beyond belief about this upcoming season. I feel like everyone just assumes we’re going to win it all and I’m sitting here starting to get negative thoughts in my brain and now we have Donald Trump threatening to take attack ads out on the Cubs. I don’t even understand how that’s possible. To take an attack ad out on private citizens who aren’t running for office. To spend money openly bashing a baseball team via commercial. But if I had to pick one man to successfully get something so vindictive done, it would be Donald Trump. Just leave us alone man. Let us go about our business and worry about living up to the sky high expectations this season is bringing. In the words of Jason La Canfora, keep our name off of your lips, please.





I can’t be the only one who is starting to daydream basically every day now about the home opener. I may just show up to Vines tomorrow and sit there until April 11th finally rolls around. So fucking pumped. Thank God Barstool is Barstool and the NYC move isn’t happening until September.