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A Surefire Way To Nail Your Interview At A Fast Food Place? Tackle The Guy Who Comes In to Rob The Place

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TIME- Devin Washington proved he was committed to going above and beyond during an interview at a Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen on Saturday when he helped employees apprehend a man who tried to rob the restaurant. The 18 year old was in the middle of interviewing for a position at a New Orleans location of the fast food chain when the suspect—later identified as Pablo Ciscart—attempted to take money from an open cash register and flee the scene, reports police. Danyanna Metoyer, the manager conducting the interview, blocked the man from exiting while Washington pinned his arm behind him. They then held him until police arrived. Metoyer said she had already decided to hire Washington before the incident but his actions sealed the deal. “You’re hired; you earned it,” she told him, according to the Associated Press.



Real talk, I’d rather tackle an armed robber who’s trying to stick up a fast food joint than do an actual job interview. If this kid planned the whole thing then I say congratulations. Well done. Cause sprinting towards a man who may or may not kill me because he wants the money outta the cash register is less stressful than doing a job interview. Hands down. Not even a question. Job interviews are the worst thing in the world and you’re flat out wrong if you think different. They’re scary because the job of the interviewers is to find out what skills you have. That’s a real problem when you don’t have any skills. I have zero skills in the real world. Zip. None. So I always end up lying through my teeth about all these things I can do that I can’t really do. Best case scenario, I get the job.  Worst case scenario, I get the job but now they think I have all these skills that I don’t actually have. It’s a nightmare. Potentially getting killed by a thief is fine with me. Best case scenario, I tackle him and get the job. Worst case scenario, he kills me but that’s still okay cause then I’d never have to do another job interview.