Obama's Limp Wrist Just Set Back Cuban US Relations Another Century

This is why I’ve lost hope in Obama. He talks such a huge game with his speeches but when the bright lights are on him he goes dead fish. I don’t even know what happened here. I do know Cuba is probably going to invade us in the next week or two. I do know Castro and all his buddies are making jokes about how weak the US is right now. I do know that crazy bastard in North Korea and Putin probably have their top internet strategic advisers sitting around a table making gifs and memes about Obamas limp wrist as we speak. You think Trump would fly to Cuba and let himself get ragdolled like that? Let himself get made a fool off. No chance. The ONLY saving grace was that this Raul Castro guy wasn’t in fatigues. Then we literally would have to be in our bomb shelters right now.

PS – Is Fidel Castro dead or not? Always get this one confused.