Wake Up With Fred McGriff Crushing A Home Run In The 1995 World Series

This is what happens when you try to sneak a fastball by the Crime Dog when he knows it’s coming. Absolutely annihilated that ball. And it was off of one of the best starting pitchers to never make it into the Hall of Fame. Come to think of it, McGriff is one of the best power hitters to never make it to the Hall of Fame. Unlike Orel Hershiser, McGriff still has a chance to make it to Cooperstown, albeit not a very good one. In 19 seasons, he’s a career .284 hitter with 493 home runs. That’s like going out the night before your 21st birthday and trying to get a drink at midnight. It’s close enough. Let him in. Unfortunately, it seems like the stink of the Steroid Era wears strong on McGriff, who was never directly linked to PED use, but still only had 12.9% of the vote (needs 75%) in his sixth year on the ballot last year. It’s too bad, because he was really fun to watch.