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I Love This MSG Security Guard Pushing Aside Boogie Cousins Like It's No Big Deal

Now let me preface this blog by saying that I love Boogie Cousins. Dude is a beast on the court and doesn’t give a fuck off of it. He will call out his coach, GM, teammates and more if the mood strikes him right. And to be honest, all of them probably deserve it because the Kings are the Knicks of the West.

But people lost their minds last night when this security guard moved Boogie aside like he jumped into the bear cage at the end of Anchorman. Bro, you think that security guard has anything to lose? He works for James fucking Dolan. He was probably hoping Boogie would take a shot at him and he could sue Boogie, the Kings, the NBA, and The Garden and get out of the hell that is being a James Dolan employee. He steps over rats the size of Boogie on his 2 hour commute to work every day. New Yorkers have way too much annoying shit to deal with at home, at work, and on mass transit to worry about pushing a dude that may not have all his dogs barking.  If some giant in purple from California is in your way, just push him aside, throw him the sideways glance with your eyes and bounce.  Fantastic.

And Clyde calling Boogie an open-faced sandwich is peak Clyde. Kinda makes sense but at the same time, makes absolutely no sense at all.