Tonight We Celebrate John Tavares' 500th Game, And A Friendship Like None Other

Not everyone is lucky enough to have someone enter their life that immediately allows them to see the beauty within the world. Someone who allows them to fall in love with hockey life and make the roses smell a little less like poo-poo-oo-oo. Some may say I’m blessed for having such a good pal in John Tavares, yeah you could say that I guess, but I just take the good with the bad and appreciate what we have built together.

Over the years we have grown from young men without a clue of how to navigate this journey we call life, and into the world class athlete blogger that you see before you. And I think both myself and John would agree it couldn’t have been possible if not for one another. The Bunk to my McNulty, the Biebs to my Pres, the Lennon to my Mark David Chapman, and tonight we celebrate his 500th game in the NHL.


These first 499 were a trip. The epitome of a franchise player, JT acted as the cornerstone of a glorious rebuild in New York [though they’re still kind of building, but that’s another blog, for another day], all while doing so with a smile on his face and ice in his veins.

From his first goal in the show against Pittsburgh [celebrations A1 from Day1]


To his most impressive against St Louis.

JT dings

Johnny T has been nothing but elite in the way he’s carried himself, this team, and his play over the years. The first of his draft class to reach 200 goals, his 457 points in 499 games puts his career points per game at 0.92; the guy was born to run numbers and run numbers he does [except this year, kinda].

With Steven Stamkos’ future to be decided this summer, JT is next in line as the Toronto Media’s #1 target, despite having two years left on his contract in New York. Headlinez have already been written trying to link #91 to the Leafs, but I just can’t see Johnny leaving this team in 2018, or ever for that matter. What do I know though? We’ll never know until we know, but even at 25, I just can’t see the guy not retiring as an Islander, despite having yet to accomplish anything real while here.

One of the league’s best and he’s all mine ours, so enjoy it while you can, and forever put JT above all. Here’s to another 500 and a few series wins under your belt, bud.

PS – We’ll always have Leddy jumping into John’s arms


PPS – Sorry for blowing John Tavares via the internet just now, it was worth it.

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