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Adam Eaton Says The White Sox Lost A Leader In 14 Year Old Drake LaRoche



Whitesoxdave has done a great job of covering this story from a Sox fan perspective but I needed to chime in on this because I actually heard this interview in the car this morning and almost had to pull over to make sure what I was listening to was actually being said. What planet are we on? The White Sox lost a LEADER in 14 year old Drake LaRoche? He’s more than just a kid? What the fuck is going on right now? I honestly have never been more confused with a story in my entire life. Chris Sale is making it seem like Drake LaRoche died or something, hanging his jersey in his locker. Adam Eaton is talking like Drake LaRoche is Jesus Christ. Guys, it’s a 14 year old kid. He’s not tremendous, he’s not special, he’s not different, he’s fucking FOURTEEN. I feel like I’m sitting in the Whole Foods check out line listening to a bunch of mothers talk about their precocious child that is fluent in Spanish at age 3. He’s 14. If a 14 year old is a leader of your clubhouse your clubhouse is fucked beyond belief. I wish we could hear from the few players that complained about this in the first place. Those guys must be PISSED. All they wanted was for the 14 year old to not be around 24/7/365, a pretty reasonable request to anyone with a brain, and now their teammates are saying the kid was the greatest glue guy in the history of glue guys even though he’s FOURTEEN . Unbelievable.