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Customer Stiffs A Waitress With Purple Hair Hair Because, "Tips Are Only For Normal Looking People"

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DES MOINES, Iowa — A popular waitress at a popular restaurant closed out one of her table’s Tuesday night when she found a note from her patron.  “At first, I felt really upset, I felt attacked, I almost felt like I was back in middle school all over again, like being bullied,” Taelor Beeck said. “I felt like a burning anger inside of me.” On a bill worth $17.26, the tip line was crossed out. “Tips are only for normal looking people,” the patron wrote. “But I didn’t act on it because it’s not worth it when someone puts hate out there, you know to respond in a hateful way will do no good,” Beeck said. Beeck describes herself as an individual. She said she was stiffed out of the money that people in the service industry rely on to pay their bills. “I mean I can’t pay my bills if people don’t tip me,” Beeck said. “That’s how I make a living.”



Need a picture of the dude who stiffed this waitress because he thought her hair was weird. Bet he’s the ugliest fucking dude on the planet. No doubt projecting onto this purple-haired waitress cause his life sucks. Bottom line is you always have to tip and maybe always over tip. Don’t be a dick. It’s that simple. I honestly can’t imagine a scenario where I would leave zero dollars. A waitress would have to take a shit on my food in front of me or something. That might not even do it. One time I got a really really bad hair cut and I actually tipped the chick more cause I felt bad that she probably felt bad for giving me a bad hair cut. That’s how much of a pussy I am. But I’d rather be that type of person than on the other end of the spectrum. People get on their high horse at restaurants like all of a sudden they’re a king. CATER TO MY EVERY BECKON CALL OR I’LL GIVE YOU NOTHING. I worked in a restaurant back in the day and that shit sucked. Scrounging for tips from asshole customers was the worst. This chick did nothing wrong but some guy just felt like ruining someone’s day. The absolute worst. Again, just don’t be a dick.