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Get A Load Of This Turkish Guy Who Wears A Cage On His Head So He Can Quit Smoking


(Source) A Turkish man has taken to wearing a locked head cage every day in a desperate attempt to quit smoking.Ibrahim Yucel, 42, who has been battling unsuccessful against the ciggies for 26 years, asks his wife or daughter to lock his wire cage every morning and keep the keys.

He is unable to open the cage during his working day, even if he craves a smoke.Yucel says he was inspired to create the helmet-like device by observing motorcyclists’ headgear and because his own father died of lung cancer.


So I guess Turkey doesn’t have nicorette gum huh? Feel like there are a lot of steps between wanting to quit smoking and putting an impenetrable cage over your head for the entire day so you physically can not put anything near your mouth. Like we definitely skipped a few steps here. The patch, putting a picture of your kids inside the carton to remind you about your life, chewing gum, hypnotists, a thousand different things people do besides wearing a bird cage on their face. Then again, if we’re being perfectly honest, you could’ve told me facial bird cages in Turkey were a new muslim tradition and I would have 100% believed you, so all things considered, this really  isn’t that strange.



God forbid I have a daughter, this is absolutely going on her face from ages 14-25.