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I Want To Hug The Shit Outta This Grandpa Who Made Burgers For His Grandkids Then Almost None Showed Up

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Sad grandpa blowing up all over the interwebz with burger in hand and a heart-shattering look on his face. 129,000+ RTS for that proves that the internet is capable of use about anything. Anyway, I would like to formally apply to be one of this grandpa’s grandkids. Let’s do it. I am #7. All of my grandparents are dead and I’ve been in the market for new ones for awhile. I’m pretty picky but I love burgers so I think I found my guy. It’s this super sad grandpa who made 12 burgers for his 6 grandkids and only one of them showed up. What the fuck, grandkids? Actually I know exactly what the fuck. Visiting old people only becomes a valid idea after they’re dead. Shoulda coulda woulda. But that’s why I wanna be this guy’s new grandkid. I wanna do it right this time. I wanna hang out with an old person instead of avoiding them like the plague. So fire up the grill, toss some hamburger patties on and let’s talk about the wars. All the wars. And Sinatra. Old people love Sinatra.

PS- You know he’s a good grandpa because he made 12 burgers for 6 kids. Assuming people are gonna want two burgers instead of one is just good hospitality.