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"St. Patrick's Day Parades Are White Pride Rallies" Is Your Twitter Take Of The Day





So this is a thing I didn’t know existed. I really love that top tweet: why are parades ok and KKK rallies aren’t? I’ll tell ya, I’m lost here. What’s the deal with St. Patrick’s Day parades and folks jigging down the street playing bagpipes being openly accepted by society when Klan members marching down the street and spewing hate speech are not? They’re basically the same, as far as I’m concerned. They’re all white people and, according to Allison, you white, you the KKK. Maybe there’s a slight difference when you consider the fact that one group’s mission is be spread merriment while having one (ten) too many beers and the other group’s mission is “find a tree sturdy enough to hang this black fella who looked at my daughter.” Small difference. The first group of guys get the holy cross tattooed on them, the second lights crosses on fire. These are slight differences, I understand, but I just felt like I should point them out. Still, #EndStPatricksDay and #EndRacism, they’re the same thing after all.