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Remember The Guy Who Heckled Ian Poulter So Poulter Tattled To The Guy's Employer And Tried To Get Him Fired? Well It Worked, The Guy Got Fired

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Reader e-mail- 




Trent wrote an article about like 6 days ago about a friend of mine who got in Ian Poulters head at the Valspar open. Coulter proceeded to try and get that guy fired. Well 2 days ago, he succeeded. The administration was forced to get rid of him due to Ian Poulter being a dickhead.





UNBELIEVABLE.  Un-fucking-belivable. I am in shock. It was bad enough when Poulter went running to tournament officials to have this guy kicked out of the Valspar for heckling him.  It was even worse when Poulter went on Twitter afterwards and put the kid on BLAST to his employer to deliberately try to get him fired. It’s officially rock bottom now for Poulter because the kid actually got fired from his job because of Poulter’s tweet. What the actual fuck? The crazy part is what the guy said to Poulter wasn’t bad. At all. Telling him he won’t make the Ryder Cup and to hit it into the water is run-of-the-mill trash talk. Go to any stadium of any sport for 10 minutes and you will hear things that are a billion times worse. Ask anybody with common sense if somebody should get fired for those comments and they will say absolutely not. Also pretty shocked the guy’s employer saw how harmless his taunts were and still fired him. This shouldn’t even be a story. But because Poulter’s skin is thinner than tissue paper this guy is out of a job. Fuck Ian Poulter. Seriously. Before, I liked to playfully rib him because he was a loser with frosted tips. Now I legitimately hate him. What a colossal asshole.