A Special St. Patrick's Day Lunchtime Snaps With Smitty Is Now LIVE

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Yeah, so tomorrow with the March Madness fiesta at Pub Webb I decided to bump Lunchtime Snaps w/ Smitty up a day. May take through the weekend to respond to everything because I’m officially about to be set on toasty, but we’ll get back as much as we can. Fire away. On with the reblog of what this shit is about –

Remember when we had the Barstool Sports & Life Podcast awhile back before our lovely producer/cohost @BarstoolFranco got committed to a mental institution (true story)? Yup. That was fun. Well, long story short, I was going to fire back up the hot mic sometime before the exodus to NYC but with everyone hopping on the Podcast bandwagon now (which is a good thing), I’m gonna try something new. Something fresh. Something pure. And after diligently thinking and planning for the last 5 weeks minutes, Lunchtime Snaps with Smitty is what we’ve got.

Basically, anything you Snap at me directly I’ll try to snap back. One on one. Mano y mano. You got a question about Barstool and the pirate ship? Fire away. Just want to shoot the shit? Fine by me. Got a set of tits you need to be graded? Everyone outside of Lady Feitelberg gets an automatic A for participation. Keep in mind since these things “disappear” so I’ll have no issue holding things back in my responses. And let’s be civilized here with the screenshots, people. I don’t want to get fired again…yet. I’ll get back to everyone I can for about an hour every timed this is posted like once or twice a week. So, yeah, the chances I just blogged an 9.2 magnitude Earthquake that’ll spawn a dick Tsunami and shit pic aftershocks that’ll last for weeks is 100%, but sometimes you gotta try something new. Let’s dance – Smitty1581.