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March Madness Is Here...Now Start Planning How To Get Out Of Work Tomorrow So You Can Meet Us At Saloon



The wait is over. Christmas is here. First tip any moment and then we’re off. Weekends from here on out are dedicated to nothing but eating, drinking and hoops. And it all begins tomorrow in a major way at Saloon. $30 open bar for 3 hours. You pick the start time. 12-3, 1-4, 2-5, so on and so forth. And if you want to extend the open bar its just 10 bucks an hour for an additional hour. The open bar includes all beer, wine and premium liquor. No shots, you animals. Lets not get greedy.

They’ll have their $12 appetizer platter as usual. 12 bucks and you get a whole plate of wings and mozz sticks and other apps. A ton of TVs all over the place. Its the perfect setting for an all day drinking affair.

I’ll be getting there right around noon. Gonna record a podcast with JJ for Yuppie Junk before diving into the first slate of games. So plan your excuses now. Nana fell down the stairs and is in the hospital. That aunt of yours has died for the 5th time. Whatever. Get out of work and meet us at Saloon.

84th and york. 12 pm. See you there.