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A Closer Look At What Happened In The Ring During The Y2J vs Neville Match After Neville Broke His Ankle Is Awesome

First of all, once again, it fucking SUCKS that Neville broke his ankle on a standard slide. This is a dude who does flips and 450s and all sorts of stunts no problem

then got hurt doing the most basic of slides. And he still, on one leg, was doing flippy shit because he didn’t want to stop the match. I was really looking forward to him stealing the show at Wrestlemania and getting a pretty solid push and becoming a regular on Raw, absolutely sucks one of the most entertaining up and comers is on the shelf for a few months now.

But the in-ring adjustments made by Y2J and the ref are awesome to see. Jericho realizing Neville was badly hurt and it wasn’t worth the risk for him to go on is good shit. Jericho knows that Neville has been taught never to stop a match, even if you’re hurt. Ever. So Jericho took it upon himself to end the match, since a young guy like Neville wouldn’t do it. Look again at the move he did with a broken ankle/shin:

I love the always on top of their shit announce team not even pointing out that he was limping. Nothing. Just blabbering on about god knows what. Jesus they are bad. Good Ol JR turns over in his grave listening to them bring down the product. And once the ref realized what was happening, great job by him selling the DQ by shouting back in Y2J’s face. A+ execution by both of them.

Cageside Seats is reporting he won’t need surgery but will be out 2-3 months in a cast. Maybe they hold him out til SummerSlam and get a huge pop for a return there? I’m probably being a bit too optimistic, but he’s my dude and I want to see him eventually become WWE Champion. I know he doesn’t have the size Vince loves, but holy shit is he awesome.