Sean Parker Has A New Business That Allows You To Watch In Theater Movies At Home. What Took So Long?



(Source)Billionaire Sean Parker made his name by forever disrupting the music industry with Napster. Now he’s aiming for the movie business. He’s currently shopping his latest venture: The Screening Room, and he already has the support of many titans of the movie business such as Steven Spielberg and JJ Abrams. The Screening Room would allow first-run movies playing in theaters to be streamed to a set-top box in your home. Each movie rental would cost $50. While the idea is already getting some pushback from some theater owners and studios, it’s easy to see the product’s potential upside.



What the hell took so long on this? I still enjoy going to a theater here and there but I see roughly 2% of the movies I want to see. It’s such a chore and extended experience to go to the movies that I just flatout don’t do it anymore, so this is a no-brainer for the film industry. If I could order movies on my TV for 50 bucks I’d probably spend 100 bucks a week on them and that’s not an exaggeration. At least one weeknight and one weekend night I would be watching an in theater movie. As it stands, I’m never going to do it. I won’t take the time to go get my license, which I lost years ago, and I’m legally obligated to do that. If you think I’m gonna put life on hold long enough to go see a movie you’re nuts.


But if I can just order it from my couch? I’ll see everything that’s in theaters. And while $50 kinda seems high when you first look at it, that’s what going to a movie costs. Uber is 10 bucks, ticket is 15, sacks of candy and bathtubs of soda are 20. That’s 45 bucks right there and it’s not even counting the pre-movie drinks and the girl you’re bringing to the theater with you, you Casanova.


Turning your living room into a screening room is actually such a genius business decision that I might be against it. It’s like getting a casino in Boston: I like the occasional weekend trip to Foxwoods, but the responsibility of being 20 minutes from one would be too much. I can’t handle that kind of power a film reel in the palm of my hand and I’d be blowing half my paycheck every month on new movies.


But still, do it.