I'm Trying To Quit JJ Watt But He's Making It Impossible

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If you’ve noticed I haven’t blogged about JJ Watt in a few weeks because I’m trying to ignore him more and more so that I don’t put my blood pressure through the roof and give myself a heart attack. But this shit, this I can’t ignore.






This is where we are. JJ Watt screaming at a bunch of sheep telling them to work hard if they want to make it in life. Can you be more of a cliche dude? Jesus fucking christ just stop. It’s the NFL Offseason, we get it, you’re working out harder than everyone else. You’re the first one in last one out, you know how I know? Because you fucking tell us every second you get. Enough. Just be normal once. Just be a regular person. Go to a bar, drink a beer, take Lindsay Pelas out on a date, let someone bust your balls, stop being a “superhero” for a second, or just try not to make it painfully obvious how uncool you are. Anything. Offer still stands, I will be your PR person JJ. We can still turn this around, I know we can.





Worst part about JJ Watt is he has white girl humor and people actually eat that shit up. What fucking planet are we on?


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